The Importance of SUPPORT!

The office environment has changed and evolved hugely over the years. Some people may even remember the time when smoking was legal in the office (gasp!), or recall a time where sending a fax was akin to sending a text. Always important were support staff, but nowadays more is required from them than ever – and they play a truly crucial role in a businesses success.

Today, more than ever, is time our most precious commodity. The CEO’s, Directors, Partners, Fee earners etc of this world look to individuals within their teams to create the space required for these decision makers to operate at maximum capacity.

In a fast moving and ever changing market, more meetings are taking place than ever before, and more organisation and support is needed on every level to enable such movement at the top. Breakfast meetings – now they are on the grow! Have you noticed the number of suited and booted people having a morning meeting between 8 and 10am?

Support staff have always played an important role in the office – in making things run smoothly and keeping the wheels turning. But decision makers need more than ever from their teams – and staff have to step up to the mark. Now more than ever is passion and pride in one’s work so sought after – nay, essential. Many support staff are now also influential within their businesses, and are expected to be able to give input positively. Staff are absolutely expected to work outside of their job descriptions, and with gusto. With so many great candidates for employers to choose from, you just have to shine.  On the flipside, staff should be incentivised and rewarded for their commitment, loyalty and hard work. Staff retention can be a tricky thing in a strong market with numerous opportunities. Studies throughout 2014 showed us that candidates aren’t just motivated by money in their search for a new opportunity; Corporate social responsibility, a good working environment, flexi-time and other soft benefits also featured highly on candidate’s “wish lists”.

A good PA can completely change the life of a busy Executive. A good PA can be a fantastic ambassador for the brand, a gatekeeper, can liaise with management teams and external bodies, can think one step ahead, can “upwardly manage” their boss in making sure they have everything that they need and are where they need to be. A good PA operates as an extension of her/his boss. Imagine if everyone in your business added value in this way?  

In a stronger economy like the one that we are in, with growth emerging across the markets, now more than ever is the time to have a rock solid strong team of exceptional support people around you.

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