CV Writing Advice

Whether you are updating an old CV, or writing one from scratch, it can seem like a time consuming and potentially troublesome task. Think of your CV as your ticket to an interview! It absolutely has to be up to date, easy to read, well laid out and informative....but try not to waffle!

Even if you have experience of writing a CV, you might be overlooking something that could cost you a great deal by using the same old document out of habit.

Your CV should be more than just a collection of your previous positions. Approached with the right amount of enthusiasm and professionalism, a well-written CV can open up exciting new opportunities, and this makes it worthwhile spending time on.

Ideally your CV will be no more than 2-3 pages in length. CV's with bullet pointed duties are also easier to read than block paragraphs. If you have many years of experience and you want to elaborate on your most recent work, summarise your earlier career history in a few simple sentences. 

To give you an idea, we have put together our basic CV template - which can be seen by clicking here.

Your consultant at Success Search will give you CV advice during your interview and throughout your job search to give you the best chance of securing an interview with the best organisations.
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