New Year's Resolutions!

Most people start the New Year with a string of New Year’s Resolutions as long as their arm. “Lose a stone”, “Cut down on alcohol”, “Fundraise for charity”, “See family more often”, “Get fit”, “Cut down on sugar”, “Stop smoking”, “Travel more”, etc etc.

But are they ever career orientated? Rarely.

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Think that potential employers won't check your social media profiles? Think again!!

I have to admit, that I was once a little ignorant to the importance of a relatively professional social media portfolio. But as more and more businesses use social media like linked in, twitter, facebook and instagram, it's not an unusual thing for a company to check out potential staff online - before interviewing. Your public image is important! I, like most recruiters, will use social media to sound out potentially suitable candidates as part of my screening process.

Whilst you might think that it’s harmless having a profile photo of you with a traffic cone on your head, or surrounded in beer cans, - or sat in a shopping trolley – you could be losing yourself an interview. Social media is at its peak with a whopping 2 billion people using facebook each day.

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The Importance of SUPPORT!

The office environment has changed and evolved hugely over the years. Some people may even remember the time when smoking was legal in the office (gasp!), or recall a time where sending a fax was akin to sending a text. Always important were support staff, but nowadays more is required from them than ever – and they play a truly crucial role in a businesses success.

Today, more than ever, is time our most precious commodity. The CEO’s, Directors, Partners, Fee earners etc of this world look to individuals within their teams to create the space required for these decision makers to operate at maximum capacity.

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